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Chuck Morse, host of "Chuck Morse Speaks" at WMFO 91.5 AM Tufts University discusses a proposal by student groups to make the Tufts University campus a sanctuary for illegal aliens.
Chuck Morse offers an alternative opinion regarding Israel and how and why the Obama Administration, in its twilight period with just weeks left in office, chose to repudiate the State of Israel at the UN. Video: https://bostonuberman.blogspot.com/2016/12/israel-activism-at-tufts-university.html The War against Judaism: http://a.co/cnyjh4Y
Veteran award winning radio host and author Chuck Morse offers conservative opinion on Tufts University, at the heart of one of America's most liberal College campuses, with a live one hour broadcast every Thursday 10-11 am at WMFO 91.5 AM.
Veteran conservative radio host and author Chuck Morse interviews Chris Faraone, auter of "I Killed Breitbart… and countless other causes of conservative consternation." Link to book: http://a.co/gxWkJDa Chuck Morse Author Page: amazon.com/author/chuckmorse
Chuck Morse, broadcasting on WMFO 91.5AM Tufts University, discusses the Alt Right and their place in the Donald Trump movement. Veteran conservative radio host and author Chuck Morse offers his live broadcast to the Tufts University community.
Veteran conservative radio host and author Chuck Morse takes the pulse of the Tufts University community every Thursday 10-11am for a live one hour open lines broadcast. In this episode Chuck discusses the election and why he will be voting for Donald Trump for president.
Arthur R. Thompson, author of "To the Victor go the Myths and Monuments" documents the difficult to research and secretive history of the radical left in the United States from the time of the American Revoulution to the Civil War and their intersection with the European radical left going back to the Illiuminati.
Chuck Morse talks with terror analyst Doug Giles, Founder and Editor of ClashDaily.com, about his new book: Pussification: The Effeminization of the American Male.
Author and Podcast host Chuck Morse is joined by John Birch Society Public Relations Director Bill Hahn in a discussion about the nature and motives of the Islamic terrorist attacks in NYC, New Jersey and Minnesota and how this might impact the election of 2016.
Hillary Clinton tried to smear Donald Trump by associating him with a movement now known to the world as the Alt-Right. Since then, there has been a media frenzy attempting to explain what the Alt-Right is, who the main players in the movement are, and what the implications of any Alt-Right influence (if it exists) might be to Trump or the Republican Party generally. Peter Brimelow, Editor of VDARE.com, is America's foremost authority on the issue of immigration, and is often referred to as a major leader of the Alt-Right movement, although his expertise on the issues immigration, national identity and political correctness long predates both the term and the movement. A former Senior Editor of Forbes and National Review, he is the author of the 1995 book Alien Nation, which started the national conversation on America's developing immigration disaster. In 1999, he founded VDARE.com, which has established itself as the leading website dedicated to issues of immigration, demographics and social cohesion. Ann Coulter, author of this year's best-selling Adios America! says "Peter Brimelow, who is the one who started it all, God bless him. It takes an immigrant to wake us up-another immigrant doing a job Americans just won't do."

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