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Youtube host Chuck Morse is joined by Marc Hyden, writer for the Foundation for Economic Education, conservative political activist, and author of Gaius Marius: The Rise and Fall of Rome's Saviour.
Chuck Morse and Don Jans, the author of My Grandchildren's America, discuss the latest political developments around the agenda to depose the administration of President Donald J. Trump.
Radio host Chuck Morse discusses the three victories achieved by the State of Israel in May, 2018.
Chuck Morse discusses the causes of the fall of North Korea by drawing parallels with the collapse of the Soviet Union.
Youtube host Chuck Morse is joined by Lloyd Marcus, host of un-Hyphenated American and Chairman of the Conservative Campaign Committee in a discussion about race in America.
Youtube host Chuck Morse is joined by Heather Beaudoin, coordinator for Conservatives Concerned About the Death Penalty in a conversation about the death penalty.
Youtube host Chuck Morse is joined by Merle Temple, author of "Deputy: Once Upon A Time in Mississippi." Merle Temple Bio: Merle Temple is a native of Tupelo where he lives with his wife, Judy. He received two degrees at Ole Miss, and is the author of the Michael Parker series: Deputy: Once Upon A Time in Mississippi, A Ghostly Shade of Pale, A Rented World, and The Redeemed: A Leap of Faith. The novels are written as fiction but drawn from his experiences as a deputy sheriff, an agent in the first "drug wars," the first captain in the Mississippi Bureau of Narcotics, a manager in the corporate world, a campaign chairman in the political wars, and an evangelist in prison. Merle was held hostage by drug dealers near Tylertown, and contract assassins hired by the Dixie Mafia tried to kill him near Memphis. Merle and his team were ambushed by a sniper in a terrible gun battle near Columbus, a day of dramatic intervention by God. After investigating a corrupt governor, he moved from law enforcement to the corporate world, and learned that the gangsters, who had tried to kill him, were just choir boys compared to the political criminals who use the full power of the state to crush their enemies in an unholy trinity of politics, crime, and business. Treachery and betrayal ran all the way to the front door of the White House, and the "last of the Boy Scouts" was indicted and sent to federal prison, but it was in that nightmare that God used His "megaphone of pain" to shout at Merle: "Can you hear Me now?" Against all odds, Merle formed what became the most successful inmate led ministry in the history of the Federal Bureau of Prisons, and his Christian Movie Nights in three facilities exposed thousands of men to the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Merle returned to that first awful prison in December to speak to the inmates. The prison now uses Merle's books in a drug prevention program, and the movie nights that he began so long ago continue today, except now they are in English and Spanish.
Youtube host Chuck Morse reviews "The China Mission" by Daniel Kurtz-Phelan. Morse contends that this book whitewashes history.
Youtube host Chuck Morse comments on the waterboarding controversy emanating out of the confirmation as CIA Director of Gina Haspel.
Youtube host Chuck Morse discusses how he defines the term "Social Justice."

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